TactFOOT Training

To get the very best out of TactFOOT, two day training seminars (at your location) are often chosen. These can be delivered to groups of up to 10 coaches, or one-to-one.

Some of the benefits of TactFOOT Training:

... but most importantly, YOU the coach being able to use TactFOOT Pro to an expert level within 2 days.

2 x TactFOOT Pro licenses are included in the training session with each additional license available at £50.00 each.

The cost of the training is £400 ($750) per day and all air/meal/transportation/accommodation costs for one AVC staff member are arranged by the booking party.

To arrange training, request your TactFOOT Order Pack today from TactFOOT co-ordinator Stuart Robb on +44 (0) 1224 248007 or at srobb@avcmedia.com